SME IPO – the way forward to growth

BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) is a trading platform devoted especially to the trading of shares of Small and Medium Enterprises. If any company or organization wishes to get listed on the exchange board, they have to land out with their IPOs (Initial Public Offerings). Many companies have gained benefits through SME capital markets by scaling up their growth. SME IPO carries several advantages. Some of them are as follows -: (i) Intensify the tenability and authority of these companies. (ii) Increase in Company’s net worth. (iii) Company’s expansion and growth. (iv) Liquidity to shareholders when company’s go public. While the companies which are listed on the SME platform are becoming more influential, they are attracting more investors. With such support from the exchange board and the investors, the Indian market seems to be effectively good for SME-IPOs. When an IPO gets successful, it adds up many benefits to the stakeholders – employees, employers, and investors, and therefore the whole company sets a path for success.